GIULY abito lungo fantasia con dettaglio sul davanti di passamaneria gioiello (Size M)



Description: One-piece sartorial long dress, 3/4 sleeve bordeaux and front applications.

Features: Giuly is a long silk / viscose dress printed in a small geometric pattern in bordeaux tones. The boho-chic style of the dress makes it a precious but easily wearable piece of clothing. It is a lined dress, excluding the sleeves that are 3/4 and have an asymmetrical petal shape but they do not remain transparent anyway. The neckline is rounded and the dress is fastened on the back with a small button with buttonhole entirely handmade. The most precious detail of the dress is the set of trimmings applied on the front in rhinestones and iridescent sequins, in contrasting but harmonious colors. Also the central trimmings with the sequins’ flowers of are hand made like the two small brooches in beads that form a small bee which are applied to the base of the neckline and which can be removed and used on other garments.

Fit: Entirely hand-stitched this garment has a soft fit and has the waist marked by a soft elastic inserted inside.