IDA 2 pezzi canotta + cardigan in fantasie reversibili (One size fits all)



Description: Two tailored pieces made in one piece composed of a tank top and a cardigan in jersey jacquard and printed silk. Both items are reversible.

Features: The tank top and the cardigan that make up this 2-piece are both made of two materials: jersey wool / viscose jacquard and printed silk with floral pattern, and both are reversible so as to allow different possibilities’ pairing. You can wear them with contrasting patterns or in perfect match. There are no buttons. This bohemian-style suit is born from the meeting of two very different but absolutely complementary materials where the harmonies perfectly match to give life to a special set. .

Fit: This two piece entirely hand-stitched has a fluid fit and is easy to wear for all sizes up to size L. The tank top has a straight line and does not mark the figure and the cardigan has a soft and wide 3/4 sleeve with a cuff that enhances its shape. Worn reveals a light egg shape that gives a modern and relaxed air. It is an extremely versatile suit.

SIZE: One size fits all (BUST 86-102 cm). Cardigan length 67 cm. Tank top length 65 cm. Model 178 cm high.